Why does God seek to kill Moses?

In Exodus 4:24-26 we have a very short, very abrupt and very strange story about how the Lord sought to kill Moses on his way to Egypt. This is very odd- why after the Lord’s commissioning of Moses does the Lord immediately seek to kill Moses?? The first thing to recognize here is that we are given only the scantest of details, so we will be forced to read in between the lines as to what may be going on here. Here is one possible way of explaining it.

The word “Moses” is not actually in v24, so some see it as Moses’ son who is being talked about- but it still seems a bit harsh! Why does the Lord seek to put Moses or his son to death? Well, possible the Lord is fulfilling the warning of Genesis 17:14- anyone not circumcised was to be put to death. It sounds very abrupt in the text, but what if the Lord had spoken to Moses about this matter for a long period of time and Moses had been stubbornly resisting? What this passage may be hinting to us is about how far Moses had wandered from his faith- in living amongst the Midianites, Moses was perhaps letting his identity as one of God’s chosen people be lost, or at least his family life was not in order. God challenges him by insisting on his obedience in this matter. The fact that Zipporah had time to do the right thing and remove the danger shows that somehow she was warned and given time to act, showing the grace of God. Thus what this story again reminds us of is how God in His grace can use those who have not “got it all together”. The phrase “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me” or “blood relative” may not be a negative statement, but rather a triumphant statement, expressing celebration that Gershom was now part of the covenant community.