Why evolution and the big bang are somewhat irrelevant.

evolutionBut first an objection. For many people, the word “Creation” may have set off a negative reaction. Haven’t the theories of evolution and the big bang made any idea of God being necessary to create our world entirely redundant? This guy is surely not going to come out with some wild-eyed crazy conspiracy theory which says that all the scientists are wrong and who knows, maybe the earth is flat too?

For what it’s worth, I do happen to be somewhat skeptical of evolution and the big bang as explanations of life on earth. But actually, that’s not my main point. My argument will be that even if evolution and the big bang did occur, the argument from creation would still hold and God must exist nevertheless. So evolution and the big bang are largely irrelevant.

In fact, in regards to the big bang, what many people appear to be unaware of, is that originally the big bang theory was viewed very skeptically by scientists because they thought it was too religious sounding. Furthermore, for a significant number of people today, the big bang is actually one of their favourite arguments for the existence of God. We’ll spell that out when we come to the argument from creation.

However, unlike most books on this topic, I’m going to start with a different topic than science and creation. I’m going to start with the argument of experience- that is, we can know God is real because people experience him. There’s a few reasons why I think this is a good approach.

The main one is that this is what I think most people want to know about. Science is a technical subject for the experts- and who knows who really is telling the truth? Besides, what good is it to say that God must have created the world way back at the beginning of time if we have never heard a squeak from him since? Surely if Christians say they have a personal relationship with God today, there should be something you can point to as evidence for that today, and that God really is interacting with people.

Some atheists dismiss Christians as people who believe in crazy things like “sky fairies” or magical cloud  wizards. But of course, there is a big difference between what we’re talking about with God and sky fairies. Not many people claim to have ever experienced a real live sky fairy. But literally billions of people have claimed to have real live experiences of God. And the question is why is this experience so common? The evidence that there is something to it other than delusion and imagination is better than what you may have guessed.

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