Test Your Apologetics Skills!

Here is a quick list of anti-Christian statements which you can test yourself on to see if you’re up to speed with your apologetics. Do you have a good one line response ready to say when these one-liners are thrown at you?

  1. Why doesn’t God give us some proof?
  2. I am an atheist because I prefer to follow reason than faith.
  3. You don’t need religion to make people good.
  4. The world came from the Big Bang- we don’t need God to explain anything.
  5. The only reason why our world is so perfectly designed is that there is an infinite number of other universes which were not lucky, but the fact that we are here, shows that our universe did get lucky.
  6. Why do Christians try to force their religion on to others?
  7. How can you prove the Bible is true?
  8. If there is one God, why are there so many religions?
  9. Doesn’t your religion get chosen according to where you get born? I mean, if you were born in India, you would be a Hindu.
  10. How do you know that Jesus just wasn’t a legend like Robin Hood?
  11. How do you explain the contradictions in the Bible?
  12. Why does the Bible command genocide?
  13. Religion has no place in shaping the civil laws of a secular society.
  14. Why does God allow suffering? Why does God let babies die?
  15. Why doesn’t God show Himself today?
  16. I don’t follow the Bible, as it promotes sexism.
  17. Christians promote hatred towards gay people.
  18. Yes a baby is a human being once it has been born. Prior to birth it is a “foetus” and is not, biologically or legally, a natural person.
  19. Religions only cause wars and violence
  20. Surely it doesn’t matter what you believe, but only if you’re a good person.
  21. What about those who have never heard about Jesus?
  22. You shouldn’t be trying to convert somebody else to your religion. Be tolerant.
  23. I know lots about Christian apologetics, but I still can’t help doubting it.